New Book and Movie from Seth MacFarlane

If you aren’t following Seth MacFarlane on Twitter, you might not have heard about his upcoming movie and novel: A Million Ways to Die in the West. Today, he tweeted the first look at the book cover and the character posters for the movie, due to be released in theaters May 30th.  Here is the book cover:


Ok that cover is Ehhhh. Well here is what you’ve been waiting for to amp up your enthusiasm; as Key & Peele would say, “This movie has Liam Neesons in it!!!” I just died when I saw Liam Neeson’s character poster.


What’s almost as exciting as Liam Neeson is the fact that Seth MacFarlane penned a companion book to the movie with two other authors, Alec Sulkin and Wellesley Wild, that will be out FIRST on March 4th.   That is barely over a month away so I recommend pre-ordering on Amazon now.  You will then be the first to know some spoilers but it would be an insult to Seth’s intelligence to think he would include ALL details in the book.  What we do know from the book is that out hero Albert Stark, obv played by Seth, is in the Wild West being a sheep farmer. Mr Stark is trying to not die of situations always seeming to come up in the Oregon Trail game and to also win back his love. I couldn’t find a trailer for movie yet but let’s see what details we can surmise from the posters:

Sarah Silverman is a Prostitute:


Amanda Seyfried will Show Some Cleavage:


Neil Patrick Harris will Excite Women and Men with his Mustache:


Giovanni Ribisi probably won’t have a very Big Role, but he will Act with Intensity:


Charlize Theron will be a Bitch at parts but it will be Overlooked because she it Hot:

Seth MacFarlane will Include a Joke on Sheep F*cking:


There is no way this movie will fail with this cast and writing.  Will you buy the book first or wait for the movie to come out? Are you as excited for this as you were for Ted? Let us know!