Our Childhood Cartoons’ Hilarious Lives After Their Prime: “Where Are They Now?”

We live in the age of reboots. Everything we loved as kids was apparently so good that nothing being created in our latter years lives up to those high, older standards. So what do you do? Reboot it. Cartoons were a staple for my generation. Saturday morning cartoons was like a weekly holiday. 3:00 PM directly after school was a weekday gift to watch cartoons as soon as I got home. Who am I kidding? With almost a full 3 decades of existence under my belt, most of my favorite entertainment still comes in the form of cartoons. But this is reboot time. They’re brought back to a close to original format, but changed. The originals are mimicked, not recycled. But the originals still exist out there. So for our favorite childhood cartoons… Where are they now???

“Where Are They Now?” – Reality after their prime.

It’s almost depressing seeing everything we held so dearly as kids, look so old, fat, broken down, strung out, and ordinary. I’m sure almost everyone with an average job can identify with all of the visuals. That’s really what makes this so funny. The relationships are all still there. Whether they’re friends, enemies, dating or married, it’s all the same, just older, less in-shape, and possibly a discovery of their true sexuality. The existence of their “lives” removed from the fantastical cartoon world and injected into the drab and mundane nine-to-five life that we collectively know all too well.

Lets not say everyone is living a bummer of a life. Though he’s clearly indulged himself and has abandoned the gym, He-man looks to be as happy as a clam and has fully embrace his new TRUE self. Castle Grayskull looks fantastic girl!!!

he-manRoger and Jessica Rabbit clearly steal the show. Jessica Rabbit is without a doubt, one of the sexiest cartoons of all time. I’ll go to war over that claim. Roger agreed when he first met her. 300 pounds later, I think we see him singing a different tune. That’s what is so funny, though. She’s like Honey Boo Boo’s mom now, which is everything nobody ever wanted her to be, and Roger just lives in a world of FCK… fried chicken. But Garfield is still sticking with the lasagna.

There’s tons of cartoon characters in this. Which depiction do you find funniest? If you watch it a few times, you’ll catch a lot of things going on in the background and see a few more characters you didn’t catch at first. What do you think about the video in general? Hit up the comments and I’ll see you down there.

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By: Eli Rebich


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