Pittsburgh Dad- Funny or Not?

I posted a status on my Facebook page recently that got a lot of attention. The status said simply this: “Pittsburgh Dad, not that funny. Had to be said.” There were very mixed feelings from my friends, some agreed, others argued, but what I learned in the end is my opinion has not changed despite those who have tried to sway it.

Now I feel this needs an explanation from my point of view. This is all very much my own opinion so please feel free to chime in at any point.

The first Pittsburgh Dad episode I watched was Pittsburgh Dad: Snow. I thought to myself after watching, “Ha, ok…. I get it” and really that was about it. I knew it would pick up traction because it was clever and if it says Pittsburgh on it, that means anyone from Pittsburgh is going to love it. I bet I could take a Cleveland Browns jersey, spray paint “Pittsburgh” across it, and sell it to a Yinzer. It’s the truth and we all just shut our mouths and accept it.

Where the series lost me was as it continued. Like most accidental YouTube sensations they got a taste of success and went overboard with the concept never expanding on the idea of the Pittsburgh Dad. The character was created and instead of expanding on the concept they just keep producing carbon copies of the episode before it with different topics.

South Park did a great job of pointing out the whole Penn State scandal with Joe Paterno and Jerry Sandusky. Simply changing the ingredients of jokes that used to involve catholic priests does not make the joke any funnier and it absolutely does not make it original. The Pittsburgh Dad series has done that with their own joke and it’s just no longer funny.

Now what I cannot stand is when someone says, “I can relate” “That was exactly like my dad” “You have to grow up in Pittsburgh to understand it.” No shit. That is the joke and everyone you are arguing your point with grew up in Pittsburgh.

The creators of Pittsburgh Dad fell upon this series by accident and since then have experienced some great success. Congratulations to them for that and I know the series has great potential. I do have words of advice for Curt Wootton and Chris Preksta, switch it up and expand on your idea. Take Pittsburgh Dad out in Pittsburgh and interact with the city who supports you. Doing an episode about him watching Twilight was what looks like the beginning of the end for the series.

Agree or Disagree? Let me know.


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