Poo-Pourri: All Of Your Favorite Poo Jokes Created A Miracle Product

Poo-Pourri, is the before-you-go toilet spray that is proven to trap those embarrassing odors at the source and save relationships.

This commercial is beyond hilarious. Think Orbit gum… but for your butt.


Nailed it! And even more to its credit, the commercial truly is not lying. I took it upon myself to do a fact check Amazon search for Poo-Pourri and right in the top 2 search matches, almost 5000 ratings averaging out to a 5.7 out of 6 stars. Apparently this stuff is very real and works.


Poo-pourri’s approach took the situation head-on and faced poo-reality. There are simple truths when it comes to poo. Poo jokes are funny. They just are. You may be ashamed to admit it, but you know you’ve laughed at countless poo jokes in your lifetime. You may not have wanted to laugh, after all poo is such a juvenile subject lacking any intellectual substance, but get real… most of the time you just can’t help yourself. Poo is a topic that has lasted the test of time in the comedy world. The fact is, and you and I both know it… everyone has a poo story. I refer to them as “pooscapades”.

Poo, specifically the act of taking one in public, is a stressful situation to most. Your large intestine and stomach unsuspectingly just teamed up on you and launched you into a huge, think-fast, decision-making ordeal. Essentially, you’re in the middle of no man’s land in an active war zone. All you want is to be in the privacy of your own home,  your “safe zone” if you will, where dropping bombs isn’t contained in secrecy and not reported later as a public threat to national security. Nope. You’re in public. You need to find a CDZ; a Critical Drop Zone. A safe place outside of your personal safe zone where minimal casualties will result via the inevitable collateral damage created in the wake of your menacing deuce of devastation. We’ve all seen enough war movies to know there’s not always a safety bunker around when an airstrike is on the way. The lesser of all evils will surely involve innocent casualties and friendly fire, not to mention personal humiliation… until now.

Thank you, Poo-Pourri. Lives were at stake.

Here’s the really important part of all of this, so listen up. If you have ever used Poo-Pourri, you better leave a comment. Be anonymous about it if you must, but the world deserves to hear some serious success stories. You can probably find a ton of hilarious ones in the Amazon reviews.

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By: Eli Rebich


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