Random Artists Give Their Morbidly Awesome Take on Coloring Books

If nothing else, the internet is not short on one thing – creative people. More often than not, I come across content online that is just overly impressive. To add to that, trends across the internet emerge quicker than a herpes breakout. That leads us to the internet’s take on a nostalgic item from our childhood, the coloring book. As opposed to staying within the lines, these artists think outside the box and add their own unique style to the black and white pages filled with the characters we all know and love.
From zombie Disney characters to Bart Simpson’s heroin overdose, these artists take pictures created for children and turn them into morbidly hilarious works of art. Yes, cartoon overdoses are funny, don’t be overly sensitive. There is even one covering the topic of dolphin rape. Yea, dolphins actually rape people in real life, happens all the time. Look it up…
Ariel-ladymarie Bad-Boy-TraCity Bart-Apauline-Grant Beauty-is-a-Beast-l_yo BigBird-TraCity Birds-ladymarie Bubble-Bath Business-Ashleigh-Westcott Churning coloring-corruptions Cookie-Monster-Dakota Curious-Cora DInos-Courtney-Gilbert helicopter-chopper Hit-and-Run-King-of-Crayons IScream-Sabz ladymarie-aladdin Lamb-Paige-Rayo Lincoln-King-of-Crayons mario-luigi-Mediddly Marshmallow-nage82 Marvin-Francisco-Mendez Mickey-Hunt-James-Waldron monkey-beaver Mother-Ashleigh-Westcott Piglet-ladymarie pony-Miku-Meowstic-Candi-Izayoi‎ PoohPiglet-ladymarie Rajah-l_yo Rapunzel-ladymarie Sabz-Bulldozer Sabz-Jesus Sebastian-Michelle-Suhar Shark-kzoo Spongebob-danbag213 Spongebob-iMeow2015 Walk-Sabz Wealth-AllThingsLocal Zippy-Diane Zombies-ladymarie

If you would like to see more or even contribute yourself, there is a website that surfaced while searching for these pictures called ColoringBookCoruptions.com. Enjoy!

By: Pat Hanavan


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