Red Bull Crashed Ice is Bad Ass

Red Bull Crashed Ice 2012 Recap

You see these hockey player looking guys skating down a giant ice hill? This sport looks bad ass and they just wrapped up the 2013 championship finals in St. Paul. Kind of reminds me of one of my all-time favorite movies, Airborne, when they race down Devil’s Backbone. “The rules are, there are no rules.” Yes, I F’n love that flick.

Red Bull Crashed Ice is a world tour in the winter extreme sporting event, ice cross downhill (or downhill ice cross), which involves downhill skating in an urban environment, on a track which includes steep turns and high vertical drops. It is sponsored by Red Bull. It is similar to ski cross and snowboard cross, except with ice skates on an ice track, instead of skis or snowboards on a snow track.

The Ice Cross Downhill World Championship made its way to Saint Paul, Minnesota, for the second year in a row on January 24-26 as one of five stops around the world. Two hundred of the toughest, fastest, ice cross downhill racers will go head-to-head through a downhill course full of mind-and-body-bending jumps, turns and slides – all against the backdrop of the historic Cathedral of Saint Paul with thousands of spectators bearing witness.

After the visit of the World Championship here in 2012, this year’s track was promised to be one of the most difficult in the series, with a number of changes expected for the course. Below is the 2013 recap. The next event is coming up on February 9th, 2013 in Landgraaf.

I used to play hockey, doing this would be a F’n blast!