Rihanna Poses Nude for French Magazine and Posted Pictures on Twitter!

Doesn’t matter if you are a Rihanna fan or not, but, she posed nude for a French magazine and then posted the photos for everyone to enjoy! You can thank the internet for being awesome, Twitter for not caring, and thank our girl RiRi for being a positive female role model. Looks as if she took a play out of Miley Cyrus’s playbook who also posted nude pictures to Twitter from a German photoshoot. Nude photos like these are normal in regular print in other countries.

Wearing nothing but a pink bikini bottom, bucket hat, and braids, she went full frontal on the cover of Lui Magazine. She originally posted the photos to Instagram but they had to be taken down. Twitter is still set up like the wild west, so if she wants to get nude, she can get nude! But it’s not like anyone would notice, right? She only has 35 Million followers! Sort of bad ass, it looks as if a nail is sticking through her right nipple…

I can remember a time in our lives when you had to pray that the hot pop singer you had a crush on would eventually break down in their career and need to do a Playboy spread. That was pretty much the only chance we had to see one of our favorite pop stars nude. In today’s world, celebrities can just take their shirt off and post it for the world to see. We like this world.

Click Picture Link For NSFW Topless Photos:



Is she actually white? Or is just her butt?

By: Pat Hanavan



  1. Damaris said:

    Dislike the bucket hat pics. The others are way hotter. And she just lost points for being a badass with only ONE pierced nipple.

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