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Spawn: The Reboot Todd McFarlane Can’t Ignore And The Video Evidence To Prove It.

Spawn: The Reboot Todd McFarlane Can’t Ignore And The Video Evidence To Prove It.

Spawn. Spawn was made in 1997. Sit back and just absorb that for a second. A movie so heavily reliant on CGI was released almost 20 years ago. Todd McFarlane’s dark, intricate, detailed, action-packed, complex world combing Earth and it’s very real connection to hell and the evils within both, was made almost a full

Star Wars VII: Millennium Falcon Revealed – Abrams & Snyder Love Twitter

JJ Abrams has been embracing the notion that fans want to see everything about this new Star Wars movie before it’s released. They’re protective of it. Star Wars is their baby and fans want to be kept in the loop every step of the way. If you follow the Bad Robot twitter account, Abrams has

Nicolas Cage. Flowing Black Mullet. Playing Superman For Tim Burton… What Happened?

Nicolas Cage was 100% cast as Superman in Tim Burton’s superhero vision for the story, “Superman Lives“. Another gigantic name attached to the project fromthe geek and cult-following movie world; none other than Silent Bob himself, Kevin Smith. Obviously, you’ve never seen this movie because as it stands right now, this movie never happened. How

X-Men: Days of Future Past – New Trailer. New Mutants. New War.

If you ask around to any random person walking by, “What is the most famous comic book you know of?”, I would be willing to bet a hefty sum “X-Men” is a popular response. Even with Batman/The Dark Knight, all of The Avengers, and Superman/Man of Steel, etc. being very successful and popular right now,

Batmobile Vs Batmobile Drag Race. Winner Gets A Sexy Bikini Car Wash

Lets just get right to the point, yes? Try this one on for size… Batmobile vs. Batmobile. There’s a ridiculous amount of actors who have played Batman over the years and everyone has their opinion on which was the best. Even more so, which Batmobile is the best. Well the Batman purists are about to

Batman VS Superman, No Affleck? 2016 Release Move Unleashes Rumors.

With the DC Universe being leagues behind Marvel as far as film success quantity and character expansion, the Man of Steel franchise looks to be the next step in continuing what The Dark Knight started. With the announcement of the Man of Steel sequel this year at Comic Con, the geek universe erupted with excitement