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Are Your Pants on Fire?

Are Your Pants on Fire?

You know what makes me happy? When my CliqueVodka Promo Models feel that they can be honest with me.  That’s definitely something I value about  them that I can’t say other Promotional Model Mangers have the luxury of. We work in an industry where the majority of shifts are on evenings and weekends; you know, the

Chris Brown challenged to MMA Fight!

Chris Brown again is getting in trouble with his Twitter account. You would think by now, he would realize the negative repercussions of his actions when tweeting. Pro WWE wrestler CM Punk created a video in response to Brown’s latest rant, calling Chris Brown “a sad, cowardly little boy.” CM Punk has now challenged Chris Brown to an MMA

Chris Brown – Turn up the music

Damn. Again? In my opinion, Chris Brown is an absolute powerhouse. Yes, this was the year of Adele, but I strongly feel Breezy was right behind her doing side backflips. If you haven’t heard his FAME album, or any of the singles that smashed the charts, since his early 2011 release, then you seriously live