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19 Facts About Vodka Proving That It Is an Essential Part of Life

19 Facts About Vodka Proving That It Is an Essential Part of Life

It is the World’s Top Selling Spirit Don’t get it confused just because you think Fireball is awesome all of the sudden. Vodka still has the spirits game locked down! Make Poison Ivy your Bitch! Summer is coming up and chances are you will at some point find yourself frolicking through the forest. That is

Maxim Releases Cover Issue for Hometown Hottie Winner Dessie Mitcheson

Dessie Mitcheson was 2013’s Maxim Hometown Hottie winner and her cover issue for Maxim Magazine was just released! She is from Apollo, PA, just outside of the 412 in the rural suburbs of Pittsburgh but is now living in Los Angeles. Dessie will be gracing the cover of May’s Military Support-themed issue. ‘Merica! The contest

Get Your Daily Dose of Selfies with @MrPimpGoodGame

Around the beginning of September an Instagram account started to gain some major traction as everyone started to notice @mrpimpgoodgame. He is the self proclaimed Leader of the Selfie Movement and with one look at his account, you will see why he is the king of selfies. His name is Benny Winfield, a 37 year

What to do in Pittsburgh on January 16th

January is kind of a boring month, so if you’re wondering what to do in Pittsburgh, I have an idea. On January 16th, Painting with a Twist has an event you need to attend! What’s the twist? BOOZE! Painting with a Twist is hosting a party for people who like Clique Vodka! If you saw my post

Supporting Movember Could Reward You!

It’s only a couple days into November and Movember is in full force. Companies like Dollar Shave Club are running promotions to help support Movember awareness and Clique Vodka is also one of those companies. Pushing all of their efforts strictly into Movember funded programs, Clique looks to reward random participants who participate in the

TrackingPoint’s World’s Smartest Rifle vs. Clique Vodka

TrackingPoint is the biggest name in “smart” scope technology when it comes to rifles. Tracking Point is based out of Austin, Tx and their company developed a system known as PGF (precision guided firearm) that can track and kill targets up to 1,000 yards away. Best part about it is, you do not have to