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World Premiere | Klaypex Crazy

World Premiere | Klaypex Crazy

The newest video from Klaypex has been released and it was shot and directed by long time friend of Faded, tomlark.in. “I hate tomlark.in with a burning passion. He makes me feel like an insignificant being time after time by constantly picking at me. He really knows how to ruin my day.” -Mark Emmanuel from Klaypex Johnny denied any relationship

DuckFace: I Feel Like I’m Taking Crazy Pills!

One of my favorite movies of all time is Zoolander. If you haven’t watched it, please give it a chance. Essentially the plot is about a successful male model (Derek Zoolander) with a terribly low IQ, yet for all intents and purposes, has only “ONE LOOK” and can’t turn left at the end of the runway; he