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ROARING 20S CHAMPAGNE SOIRÉE CLICK HERE FOR TICKETS SATURDAY APRIL 11, 2015 Clique Vodka is sponsoring Packed Panda’s first fundraiser featuring the University of Pittsburgh’s Study Abroad Program. Come join us along with Kent Schmor Champagne Parties to support this amazing study abroad program, which has sent 1,707 students abroad this past year. Half of

Beyonce Throws Underwear Party for New ‘7/11’ Video

On Friday evening Beyonce released a surprise homemade music video from her hotel room. She is seen twerking, c-walking, and partying with her back up dances. Apparently it was an underwear themed party. The party starts on the balcony, but Beyonce brings the fun inside to her messy room, the bathroom, and the hotel hallways.

Under Armour Proves Misty Copeland Is A Bad Ass Ballerina

The new ad by Under Armour is turning heads in the sports world. Under Armour is famous for representing top notch athletes around the world similar to companies such as Nike, Adidas, Reebok, and Puma. Some of Under Armour’s top athlete endorsements are Bryce Harper, Cam Newton, Tom Brady, Michael Phelps, Lindsey Vonn, and Jose

Christopher Walken: A Career Of Dancing

There’s the age old question, “Who’s the man?”. This is probably best answered factually, down the middle with statements like, “To each their own” or “It depends…”. Well that’s total bull and there is 100% a real, single, dead on answer to that question. Christopher Walken. There is no argument here. If you think you have