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Chrissy Teigan Is Hot On And Off Baseball Field

Chrissy Teigan Is Hot On And Off Baseball Field

Chrissy Teigan has attracted much attention lately by appearing on the cover of Sports Illustrated and throwing out the first pitch at Dodger Stadium. She reportedly threw out the first pitch drunk which is an accomplishment in itself. Attention isn’t new to Chrissy as she has been in Ocean Drive Magazine, Italian Vogue, Esquire, Glamour,

The Ultimate Drinking Team Mock Draft Results are In!

The NFL draft has arrived and teams are attempting to draft the best possible prospects, but one draft goes unnoticed. What about the ultimate drinking draft? I have created a replica NFL first round mock draft while teams choose their ultimate drinking prospects.If you were starting your own ultimate drinking team who would you select

20 Best Fictional Characters to Party With!

Everyone makes connections with characters in movies, shows, and even cartoons. We find certain qualities where we relate and see a part of us in them. These characters also have specific traits we wish we could have in real life. Who wouldn’t want to fly, do magic, be a superspy, or even fight with light

Tye Dye Jello Shot Cubes

Everyone knows jello shots are awesome. They are fun, colorful, and full of alcohol – everything you need to ring in the new year. The problem is- everyone always does them in the same way: jello, hot water, vodka, paper dixie cup. Boring. And even though watching people use their pinkies and tongues for jello shot extraction is

The KickDrums ft. Rockie Fresh – Want My Blood

#1-The KickDrums ft. Rockie Fresh – Want My Blood Overall dope feel. Very different. I really like The KickDrums diverse approach to everything. Pretty underrated if you ask me. Thoughts?