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A Message to all of the “I’m Deleting Facebook” People

A Message to all of the “I’m Deleting Facebook” People

Ever been or know one of those people who say, “I am so sick of Facebook, I think I’m just going to delete it…” Seems like deleting Facebook is the hip thing to do these days is to socially cut yourself off from the internet because you are too cool to care about what others

The Hated Celebrity: “We’re MORE Famous Because You Hate Us. Thanks, Idiots.”

If you’re reading this right now, it’s safe to bet you are NOT a celebrity, you’re on the internet, and you used social media to arrive here. Associate those 3 line items with the reality that you are in fact reading this right now, it’s also a safe bet that you’re a part of the problem. Social

Awesome Gift Ideas!

I am in shopping heaven with two new sites I found online that contain awesome gift ideas for everyone I know! I figured I would share them with you, my awesome friends, in case you are having some trouble coming up with really unique and fun gifts for this Christmahanakwanzika season. Also my birthday is in January, just sayin.

Creative Over Coffee

Over a cup of coffee, creative professionals Matt Wohlfarth and Bud Adams converse with other creatives — artists, comedians, musicians, inventors, marketing professionals, PR agents, designers and maybe even a zoo keeper.  Chalk full of experts and guests with unique and hilarious points of view, this show is a refreshing look into the creative process