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See 5 Minutes of the Simpsons & Family Guy Crossover Episode

See 5 Minutes of the Simpsons & Family Guy Crossover Episode

We’ve been hearing about the crossover Simpsons and Family Guy episode for quite some time now and it is finally official, a 5 minute preview was just released at Comic-con. “The Simpsons Guy” will premiere on Fox on September 28th. There is also a cameo appearance by Bob from Bob’s Burgers. The official video is

Star Wars – Cello Wars: Lightsaber Duels In The Orchestra Pit!

Scenario… Every action and horror film has some sort of music score to go along with what is taking place on screen. It’s what really gets all the senses involved with the scene. What if the orchestra was actually more than just background music for the movie? What if they actually existed within the movies

Movie Review: A Million Ways to Die in the West

In my opinion, Seth Macfarlane is an insanely talented and accomplished comedian responsible for what could now be considered one of the greatest cartoons of all times, Family Guy, along with the highest grossing rated-R comedy film ever, Ted. When you have a solid resume like that, it becomes tough to find that competitive edge