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Cucumber Margarita and Gazpacho Recipe

Cucumber Margarita and Gazpacho Recipe

Lead Mixologist Tara Shinn was out shopping for some Sunday Funday eats and drinks this past weekend when she remembered that Don Pantaleon was on sale this month. $10.89 for a liter of 100% agave Tequila is was more than enough reason to go south of the border for dinner, so she scooped a bottle

Valentine’s Day Ideas for Guys!

Valentine’s Day is my FAVORITE! It’s all the pink of course. You may not be as happy about the holiday; maybe you are stressed over what to plan for your honey bunny, or are unsure if you got a great gift because of what Pat Hanavan posted (Undead Teds). You might even want to do

Awesome Gift Ideas!

I am in shopping heaven with two new sites I found online that contain awesome gift ideas for everyone I know! I figured I would share them with you, my awesome friends, in case you are having some trouble coming up with really unique and fun gifts for this Christmahanakwanzika season. Also my birthday is in January, just sayin.

Brewstone Restaurant & Taproom Grand Opening!

Come celebrate the VIP Grand Opening of Brewstone Restaurant & Taproom in Monroeville.  They will be having food and drink specials throughout the day to bring in the crowds to check out their extensive menu and upscale decor.  Be one of the first to check out the new spot to be and meet the Brewstone