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Everyday Fouls, World Cup Soccer-Styled. (The Last Scene Is Amazing)

Everyday Fouls, World Cup Soccer-Styled. (The Last Scene Is Amazing)

When I first saw the headline, “What if We Reacted to Everyday Situations Like World Cup Fouls?” – I started laughing almost immediately. The very first thing that came to mind was anything in the office during a normal workday. The amount of bumping into people that takes place. The amount of team projects that

Midseason Night’s Dream & Isaac Redman’s Official Birthday Party!

This Friday is the 2ND ANNUAL MIDSEASON NIGHT’S DREAM at Barroom in Station Square, hosted by Playboy’s Lauren Anderson! On top of that Pittsburgh we will also be on site celebrating Steelers running back Isaac Redman’s Official Birthday Party in VIP! Join Lauren Anderson & Pittsburgh Steelers invited guests for the 2nd Annual Midseason Party

Super Bowl Sunday in Pittsburgh

Though Pittsburgh may not be in the Super Bowl this year, that is no reason that we can’t get together and party our asses off while the Patriots and Giants murder each other on the gridiron to see who takes home the ring for Super Bowl XLVI.  Steelhouse in Station Square is the place to