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Man Does Stand Up Comedy for First Time… on Acid!

Man Does Stand Up Comedy for First Time… on Acid!

I am a little bitch when it comes to any form of public speaking. I consider myself a huge fan of stand up comedy and would love to one day try it. Instead, like the little bitch that I am, I sit behind a computer all day writing things on the internet. The fear of

Chuck Norris Destroys Jean Claude Van Damme’s Epic Split

Jean Claude Van Damme’s epic split viral video just got completely pwned by a response from Chuck Norris! Take a look and tell us what you think! About a month ago, Volvo released a video featuring Jean Claude Van Damme completing his trademark split on top of two of their semi-trucks. This ad was to

Saudis in Audis

An oldie but a goodie from Remy. If you are not familiar with Remy he is a YouTube comedian with many other videos. Back in the fall of 2006, Remy bought a camera and has been making videos ever since. His first video on the Virginia Senate race was discussed in the Washington Times and

Funny Skittles Commercial

This Skittles Ad is unfortunately not a real or banned commercial. It is however very well done and looks very much like a real commercial. NOT AFFILIATED WITH WRIGLEY OR SKITTLES. CONTAINS EXPLICIT CONTENT NOT SUITABLE FOR MINORS. The commercial features newlyweds on their honeymoon “getting it on.” The husband in mid-coitis says, “Get ready