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Design Like A Boss: Primo Creative

Design Like A Boss: Primo Creative

The image below is a hilarious trip down memory lane. FadedIndustry.com, circa 2008. Each part of the city pictured below took you to a different section of our website like some 6th grade version of Jim Carrey’s website. The old website was like Paris Hilton, fun to look at but completely worthless. Site looked good

Art that will excite your eyeballs from Benoit Patterlini

Have you seen a piece of art and just said to yourself, “I want to be IN that world.” The first image I saw from graphic designer Benoit Patterlini made me feel that way instantly. I was looking up circus themed images and the one above of his carousel made my mind go into overdrive

DC Entertainment Rebrands Logo

DC Entertainment released their rebrand of their company logo on January 19th. Brand consultancy company, Landor, is responsible for the new design of the comic legacy. I wouldn’t be surprised if the person who designed this went to graphic design college. The main idea of the logo is to be modernized like the rest of television & movies logos