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What Would ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ and a ‘Friends’ Mashup Sound Like?

What Would ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ and a ‘Friends’ Mashup Sound Like?

One of the biggest blockbusters of the summer just got a little better. Guardians of the Galaxy was so good as a movie, it might work as a sitcom as well. The Friends opening theme song “I’ll Be There For You” by the Rembrandts gets a bit of a transformation. The Guardians of the Galaxy have

The first ‘Jurassic World’ Teaser with Chris Praat Has Been Released

Jurassic Park is open again. If you have been graving a dose of dinosaurs you are in luck. It has been twenty-two years since the park first opened and it seems they have finally worked out the kinks. The revamped park in Jurassic World has some new additions such as a high-tech glass safari vehicle.

Spawn: The Reboot Todd McFarlane Can’t Ignore And The Video Evidence To Prove It.

Spawn. Spawn was made in 1997. Sit back and just absorb that for a second. A movie so heavily reliant on CGI was released almost 20 years ago. Todd McFarlane’s dark, intricate, detailed, action-packed, complex world combing Earth and it’s very real connection to hell and the evils within both, was made almost a full

Guardians Of The Galaxy – Extended Trailer: Losers… People Who Lost Stuff.

If you’ve been keeping your finger on the pulse of the new Guardians of the Galaxy movie, you’re doing things right. If you’ve been paying attention to my Guardians of the Galaxy posts, at the very least, your head should be sufficiently above water. Marvel is at it again and stepping up the hype for the

Guardians Of The Galaxy Gets A 2nd Trailer. The Groot Is Loose And Elements From Thor.

Star Lord says it pretty well here, the Guardians of the Galaxy are made up of a thief, two thugs, an assassin, and a maniac. I tend to believe that this segment of Marvel heroes is one of their bigger, yet still lesser known groups, as compared to that of The Avengers and the X-Men.

Guardians of the Galaxy Full Trailer. But… Who Are The Guardians???

So the Guardians of the Galaxy teaser trailer was released yesterday morning so that Jimmy Kimmel could break the first official full trailer on his show. In the very same day I proclaimed Marvel’s prowess and seemingly powerhouse streak of doing pretty much everything right with its comic book films recently, I’m not sure this trailer

‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ Teaser. Marvel Going Interstellar Next Level

HUGE MARVEL MOVE HERE PEOPLE!!! Gear up to love you some Guardians of the Galaxy… because you’re definitely going to. If there’s one thing Marvel has been doing lately, it’s raising the bar on the quality of their comic book films. So many tanked or were massively disappointing, and it doesn’t even matter what studio