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CT Fletcher Does Live Steroids Test To Shut Up All Of The Haters

CT Fletcher Does Live Steroids Test To Shut Up All Of The Haters

On the internet, if someone has muscles, then they are definitely on steroids. At least, that is what the internet trolls and haters love to comment. Like everything in life, sometimes they are correct and other times they are not. Case in point, the YouTube sensation CT Fletcher who is constantly accused of his steroid

Our Favorite Instagram Profile Belongs to Caitlin Rice!

When it comes to talking about the nicest booty on Instagram, all signs point to Jen Selter who has what is considered to be the World’s the Most Instagrammed Butt. Jennifer Selter’s Instagram account has now attracted over 3 million followers including even celebrities like Rhianna. Creeping up quickly though is another Instagram account that

Meggings, Muggs, and now Men’s Head Bands

As the foremost expert on what hair styles are attractive on a guy, I can tell you that men’s head bands are making insane. We need to discuss this trend and what to do about it. First, we had to deal with MUGGS; guys wearing Ugg Boots. TURRIBLE, (say it with me) just turrrrible. THEN

Hot Fitwear You’ve Never Heard of: Brazilian Yoga Pants!

Looking good while being active is definitely something we at Faded Industry can appreciate in a lady. So yes, you read that title right; there is something even hotter than yoga pants: BRAZILIAN YOGA PANTS. I’m pretty much obsessed with this line of workout wear ever since I got to model a set from Dona

Insane Chest Workout Mike Rashid

“The Secret’s revealed, F%!King Hard Work“ – CT Fletcher In another posted video from crazy man CT Fletcher, he coaches Mike Rashid doing an insane chest workout. Rashid starts out with 245lbs (110kg) on the bar. The bar is filled with ten 10 lb plates on each side. He then does 10 reps, takes one plate

Integrated Fitness Groupon available

Integrated Fitness GROUPON Deal! Check it out HERE! If you are looking to burn serious fat or get extremely in shape you need to take advantage of this offer. At Integrated Fitness seasoned coaches lead intense workouts powered by kettlebells and varied cross-training exercises designed to burn fat and build muscles. I’ve personally attended these

Want to try CrossFit?

This Saturday at 11am is an open gym for anyone interested in checking out CrossFit with me. As some of you know I recently started training CrossFit out at Integrated Fitness. Since my training started, a lot of people have been asking to join me and see what CrossFit is all about. For everyone who has contacted