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Beyonce Throws Underwear Party for New ‘7/11’ Video

Beyonce Throws Underwear Party for New ‘7/11’ Video

On Friday evening Beyonce released a surprise homemade music video from her hotel room. She is seen twerking, c-walking, and partying with her back up dances. Apparently it was an underwear themed party. The party starts on the balcony, but Beyonce brings the fun inside to her messy room, the bathroom, and the hotel hallways.

Hunter S. Thompson Hates Cable Companies Too. The Funniest Voicemail In Existence.

Cable companies have been under fire for years now. Comcast more than most, has been getting buried under poor customer service reviews. Just a few short months ago, a recording of an absurd Comcast customer service call hit the internet and set the world wide web ablaze with cable-provider hate stories. Ex-Comcast customer service employees