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Nude Yoga Girl On Instagram

Nude Yoga Girl On Instagram

New to Instagram, Nude Yoga Girl is gaining a lot of attention, and a lot of views.   And we can see why.  Nude yoga poses in an artistic expression, without the selfie stick.  You should probably take a look.  

Hottie of the Week: Stephanie!

Our Hottie of the Week is Stephanie Snyder! She’s a Fitness Model from Pittsburgh! I asked her our usual Hottie questions, of course, so keep reading all the way down to the gallery! When asked about who would she model or promote for, if she could pick anyone/anything, Stephanie said,  “If I could model for

Hottie of the Week: Shelbi!

How much do I love Blondes and the Black and Pink color combination??? SO much that I just had to feature Shelbi as our newest Hottie of the Week after seeing this picture of her in patent leather! Not only can she rock out in ripped fishnets and Halloween-esque fabric and hats- she nails the

Who’s Your Girl Crush?

This post is BEYOND delayed! I can only offer the excuse that I couldn’t narrow down my girl crushes because I HAVE SO MANY! Ok to back things up, I watched a Jenna Marbles video a few weeks back (what else is new? My eyes are glued to her YouTube channel ever WEEEENdsday) and I was inspired!

Hottie of the Week: Lyndi Jo!

What a beautiful day in Pittsburgh and along with the sunshine, Hottie of the Week Lyndi Jo is here to brighten up your week! Lyndi is from the Pittsburgh area and is a blonde with Italian, German & Indian ethnicity who can light up any room with her beauty. I asked Lyndi our usual Hottie