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Internet Challenge: Guy Drinks Gallon of Honey Covered in Bees

Internet Challenge: Guy Drinks Gallon of Honey Covered in Bees

The L.A. Beast has completed the stupid. I realize comprehending that opening sentence may be a bit difficult but my brain is completely twisted from what I just watched. I just witnessed a man drinking a gallon of honey, which contains over 24,000 calories, while his face is covered in bees. Kind of a dick

Funny Videos That Will Make Your Brain Melt

I am on anĀ incessant mission searching through strange and funny videos to find the end of the internet. The internet, much like the ocean, seems bigger than your mind could ever fathom. Even though I will never find the end of the internet, there are areas of the internet that completely blow my mind. Exploring

The Internet is Awesome

The internet is full of a lot of awesome. From videos, to pictures to watching a celebrity like Amanda Bynes having a complete meltdown LIVE, everything you need can be found on the internet. Everyday we are slammed with content from everywhere, Facebook, Twitter, etc. Here is a quick list of awesome internet stuff we

What is SOPA?

A lot of people still today are wondering what all of the talk is about with SOPA and PIPA. While I could spend my time writing about all of the research I have done and post actual content from the proposed bill, I figured I would just post this video instead. As of today I