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The Best of All the Comedy Central Roasts UNCENSORED!

The Best of All the Comedy Central Roasts UNCENSORED!

Every year, I anxiously await finding out who will be this year’s target for the upcoming Comedy Central Roasts. Even if I find myself disappointed in the choice for who should be roasted, I still find those roasts to be hilarious. Except for the James Franco Roast, that one just didn’t do it for me.

James Franco and Seth Rogen’s New Movie “The Interview”

James Franco and Seth Rogen are stars of a celebrity tabloid show who are headed to their biggest interview yet, with the leader of North Korea, Kim Jong-Un. For reasons other than the interview itself, this is the biggest interview of their lives. They also believe that Kim Jong-Un can talk to dolphins… In the

Seth Rogen Teaches You How To Roll A Cross Joint!

Unfortunately it seems that this year, Easter will be overshadowed by a way more interesting and unofficial holiday – 4/20. The last time Easter fell on April 20th was in 2003 and you will not see an Easter fall on April 20th again until 2025! Marijuana enthusiasts from all over the world will celebrate this counterculture

James Franco, Zach Galifianakis and The Lonely Island

James Franco was Zach Galifianakis’ newest guest on his popular web series, Between Two Ferns. It also served as the video release for The Lonely Island’s Spring Break Anthem music video. The music video starts with the intro to Between Two Ferns where Galifianakis interviews Franco about his movies and career. He then, in an interrupting

James Franco in OZ

Last night I was in bed, catching up on twitter with The Colbert Report on in the background when suddenly JAMES FRANCO was there promoting the new Oz movie he is in that comes out March 8th. Can I just say, that 40inch tv was worth every penny? I’m not sure all of what he