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The New Horrible Bosses 2 “Ransom Note” Trailer

The New Horrible Bosses 2 “Ransom Note” Trailer

This year at the movie theater has been sort of a let down. Godzilla was great but then our hearts were broke with the premiere of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. I don’t know what would be worse to watch, TMNT again or 4 live turtles chopped in half with a ninja sword. There is still

NEW Amazing Spider-Man 2 Trailer The Super Bowl Ads Wants You To See

If you didn’t watch the Super Bowl last night, you probably did yourself a pretty big favor because the main attraction, which was supposed to be a football game, was pretty awful. For those of us who viewed Denver completely implode and pretty much give Seattle a freebie Super Bowl Championship, we were saved by