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Meggings, Muggs, and now Men’s Head Bands

Meggings, Muggs, and now Men’s Head Bands

As the foremost expert on what hair styles are attractive on a guy, I can tell you that men’s head bands are making insane. We need to discuss this trend and what to do about it. First, we had to deal with MUGGS; guys wearing Ugg Boots. TURRIBLE, (say it with me) just turrrrible. THEN

Who’s Your Girl Crush?

This post is BEYOND delayed! I can only offer the excuse that I couldn’t narrow down my girl crushes because I HAVE SO MANY! Ok to back things up, I watched a Jenna Marbles video a few weeks back (what else is new? My eyes are glued to her YouTube channel ever WEEEENdsday) and I was inspired!