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Derek Jeter’s Legendary Career With Women

Derek Jeter’s Legendary Career With Women

Derek Jeter’s career has come to an end on the field, but not off the field. If you don’t like baseball it doesn’t matter, but it’s hard not to like Jeter because the man works hard and plays even harder. We talked about his greatness on the field, but what about off the field? Sports

A Trip to See Machete Kills with Tom Savini

I am usually not one to take the critic’s opinion on any film I see and for the most part, I ignore them. Right now, Clooney and Bullock are owning the box office with Gravity and not far behind is Tom Hanks in Captain Phillips. Currently sitting at number 4 in the box office is

Who’s Your Girl Crush?

This post is BEYOND delayed! I can only offer the excuse that I couldn’t narrow down my girl crushes because I HAVE SO MANY! Ok to back things up, I watched a Jenna Marbles video a few weeks back (what else is new? My eyes are glued to her YouTube channel ever WEEEENdsday) and I was inspired!