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People Living a “Gluten-Free” Lifestyle are asked, “What Is Gluten?”

People Living a “Gluten-Free” Lifestyle are asked, “What Is Gluten?”

If you want to live a gluten-free lifestyle, don’t expect me to stop you. Gluten is in pizza and as the world slowly attaches themselves to this new diet fad, more pizza becomes available for me. Pizza is the ultimate meal in the food pyramid, why else do you think the pyramid is shaped like

Guardians of the Galaxy Full Trailer. But… Who Are The Guardians???

So the Guardians of the Galaxy teaser trailer was released yesterday morning so that Jimmy Kimmel could break the first official full trailer on his show. In the very same day I proclaimed Marvel’s prowess and seemingly powerhouse streak of doing pretty much everything right with its comic book films recently, I’m not sure this trailer