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Photoshoot with Jordan Beckham

Photoshoot with Jordan Beckham

Jordan Beckham is a photographer, video director, and designer who works in the realms of music, fashion, and fine art. He is not only an extremely well known and respected name in Pittsburgh but is also a long time friend of Faded Industry and a sponsored True Artist with Clique Vodka. Jordan Beckham along with Hottest in

The WALL from Jordan Beckham & MJ Whalen

Jordan Beckham and MJ Whalen present THE WALL Jordan Beckham and MJ Whalen present THE WALL TWO Jordan Beckham and MJ Whalen collaborated on a concept called The Wall. Its a three part series featuring Pittsburgh models Leslie Marie Santa, Tess Meredith, and Shawna Baker. Jordan Beckham comments “MJ and I were just inspired by outfits matching walls.

Angels Couture Show

Once upon a time not so long ago, there was a gathering of Angels who had flown down from the sky. They were called upon to share a gift with YOU. A gift for sexy FASHION, beautiful PHOTOGRAPHY, and the art of DANCE and they were only given one night to do it. Now, on Thursday February 23rd,

Who is the Hottest in the City?

Hottest in the City is currently running their annual Winter Series program and they are looking for the hottest models in Pittsburgh. Each week, Hottest In The City has been hosting open casting calls along with Faded’s events in Pittsburgh. Hottest In The City will post pictures of the registered models on their website the