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Is Miranda Kerr worth Fighting Over? You be the Judge…

Is Miranda Kerr worth Fighting Over? You be the Judge…

As everyone knows by now Orlando Bloom and Justin Bieber got into an argument. This led to a punch being thrown, but no contact being made. What you may not know is whom the fight was over? We will not get into the swirling rumors of he said or she said. What do we know?

What Floyd Mayweather Earned from the Maidana Fight is Insane!

Over the weekend, Floyd Mayweather stepped back into the ring and took on Marcos Maidana in what some would call a controversial victory. Even though Maidana unloaded a barrage of punches mixing it up with some strange tomahawk punches, he never really landed any solid hits and Mayweather’s percentages ultimately won him the fight. Yesterday,

Why You are a Douchebag for Calling Justin Bieber a Douchebag

It seems as if just about everyone in the world hates Justin Bieber. As much as everyone wishes that to be true, unfortunately it is not the case. If the Biebs was actually universally hated by all, he would have simply dissipated from the media’s attention much like mega-douche Jon Gosselin. Even with the announcement

Taylor Swift in Lingerie at the 2013 Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show

The question of the evening is; “Will Taylor Swift be in lingerie at the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show?” Rhianna performed last year in a see through pink negligee,  and it would be  a total shocker to see Taylor in a thong! Move over Miley, someone more wholesome appeal could really steal your thunder if that