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Hottie of the Week: Sevgi!

Hottie of the Week: Sevgi!

How many hot girls ARE there in Morgantown? Geez! Well I don’t know an official tally, but here is another one. Sevgi  is from Morgantown, WV.  She was adopted at the age of 14 and moved to Fairmont for high school, then came back to Morgantown for a few years at WVU. After starting to

Hottie of the Week: Lyndi Jo!

What a beautiful day in Pittsburgh and along with the sunshine, Hottie of the Week Lyndi Jo is here to brighten up your week! Lyndi is from the Pittsburgh area and is a blonde with Italian, German & Indian ethnicity who can light up any room with her beauty. I asked Lyndi our usual Hottie

Hottie of the Week: Jaclyn

Hooray it’s Friday! We couldn’t let the week end without another hottie, so here you go! Our Hottie of the Week is Jaclyn! Jaclyn is from a very small town in Pennsylvania, and is “very much the girl-next-door type,” in her own words. You can currently find her in the Harrisburg area though, and I do recommend

Kate Moss in W Magazine

The W in W Magazine must stand for WOW. Somehow I have an unknown subscription to this magazine and have been receiving them for a couple months now…I’m not complaining.  The magazine is incredible, the editorials are dreamy, and the products advertised are way out of my price range, but the images alone would be