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How To Make an Air Conditioner for Only $8

How To Make an Air Conditioner for Only $8

A Kickstarter for an idea to improve the cooler and has already raised over $5 Million in funding! With a goal to raise only $50,000, it seems as if this project has been kickstarted by an army of hell fire horses on steroids. There is currently 43 days left for his campaign meaning that there

Amazing Nirvana “Heart-Shaped Box” Cover: Kawehi Gives Modern Homage

As my generation collectively reaches yet another decade of existence, we begin to experience more and more of what our parents must have felt at this point in their lives. Among other things, the music that defined us in our early years, is starting to only be available via the archives of time. Whether the

It’s Your Fault If Kung Fury Doesn’t Get Made!

I need to preface this right away… I’M HOLDING YOU ALL PERSONALLY RESPONSIBLE IF THIS MOVIE DOESN’T GET MADE!!!  So let’s go over all the reasons why you love Kung Fury already: 80’s style cop movie. Awesome action movie punchlines. Impossible car stunts. Ninja headbands. Kung Fu Adolf Hilter named Kung Fuhrer. Nintendo Power Glove. Time