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TAK3N: Taken 3 Gets A New Trailer. Liam Neeson vs. The World.

TAK3N: Taken 3 Gets A New Trailer. Liam Neeson vs. The World.

It’s Liam Neeson against terrorists, pissed-off human traffickers, and every level of US law enforcement you can think of. One could argue Liam Neeson might be the most irresponsible parent/husband ever for losing his family for now a third time, but society can over look that if the result is another Taken movie. Following being

Movie Review: A Million Ways to Die in the West

In my opinion, Seth Macfarlane is an insanely talented and accomplished comedian responsible for what could now be considered one of the greatest cartoons of all times, Family Guy, along with the highest grossing rated-R comedy film ever, Ted. When you have a solid resume like that, it becomes tough to find that competitive edge

New Book and Movie from Seth MacFarlane

If you aren’t following Seth MacFarlane on Twitter, you might not have heard about his upcoming movie and novel: A Million Ways to Die in the West. Today, he tweeted the first look at the book cover and the character posters for the movie, due to be released in theaters May 30th.  Here is the book

Taken 2 Trailer

At the beginning of summer we brought you the first peek of the Taken 2 trailer. Now that summer is over promotion for Taken 2 is underway and Liam Neeson is now threatening you in the new trailer above. The end of the trailer Liam Neeson tells you to tweet a hashtag #taken2scene for an