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Magician Rob Anderson Is Back Again After Ripping Up War Veteran’s Sign…

Magician Rob Anderson Is Back Again After Ripping Up War Veteran’s Sign…

Las Vegas Magician Rob Anderson is known on his YouTube channel for fun stunts, but he’s getting a new rep. The talented magician has demonstrated his support in recent videos to support war vets. Most of you have probably seen his last video helping a war veteran on the streets.  That man was Alan McCracken, who served

Lee Terbosic Returns with his “Anything Is Possible” Magic Mini Series

Comedy Magician Lee Terbosic returns with another installment of his Anything is Possible mini Instagram series. If you are picking up on a theme here, you will notice that Lee likes to visit various public places for his tricks. This time, Lee visits the Omni William Penn Hotel in downtown Pittsburgh and is showcasing two

Lee Terbosic Visits a Hardware Store….

Comedy magician Lee Terbosic returns with his third installment of the Anything Is Possible series on Instagram. Lee first introduced the series with his never-ending Oreo trick and then followed that video up with a trip to Starbucks. Now, he heads off to a hardware store showcasing his magic using some nuts, bolts and a

The Never Ending Oreo and More with Lee Terbosic

Anything Is Possible is a new miniseries produced by comedy magician Lee Terbosic consisting of magic themed videos that are just 15 seconds long. You know, videos perfectly sized for Instagram. These are not the stop motion Vine-like magic tricks you may be thinking of. These are actual magic tricks that Lee performs in person. If