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Masque VI Video

Masque VI Video

This Saturday was the 6th installment of Masque. A completely unique twist on Pittsburgh’s nightlife and entertainment. Masque took place this year at CAVO, a new nightclub and lounge on Smallman Street in the Strip District. When Masque originally started 6 years ago at the Meter Room, the theme of the event was always to have an

Masque VI Discounted Tickets

Want $10 off tickets to Masque VI? Right now is the time to act, if you visit the Faded Industry Facebook Page there is an offer to take advantage of, $30 Masque VI tickets for only $20! This year’s Masque event is unlike any other before. Masque VI is held at CAVO this year and

Masque VI tickets

If you are not already aware, Masque VI is next Saturday. Currently tickets are only $25 and that includes entry and ALL drinks and food for the entire night. On Monday, presale tickets will be going up to the normal price of $30. If you wait to pay at the door, then you are looking

Masque Contest

Welcome to the Official Faded Industry Masque VI contest! Want to win tickets to the 6th installment of Masque, this is how to do it! The contest is simple, upload a picture in a halloween costume, from this year or last, get the most “Likes” and WIN! That is all you have to do. You can use photos from a

Masque VI

Masque VI – Saturday October 20th - RSVP to Masque VI HERE! It is that time of year again and we are happy to release the event details for Masque VI! Believe it or not, Masque is now on it’s 6th year and as always the deal is the same. One ticket price grants you access to