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Artist Matt Gondek and the Island of Misfit Toys

Artist Matt Gondek and the Island of Misfit Toys

The 2013 year was without a doubt the fastest year ever. Time did not speed up, the Earth’s rotation did not make days shorter or cause a less of an orbit around the sun. The year did fly by but within 2013, there are many great milestones to celebrate and that is exactly what we

New Shirts Released from Jock ‘n Roll Clothing.

Pittsburgh based clothing line Jock ‘n Roll has released 3 new t shirts consisting of their first girls tee ever (shown on right) as well as their first 2 collegiate tees ever.  We all know there is a bit of a rivalry when it comes to school pride between PITT and PENN STATE so let

Pittsburgh Sports + Rock Fashion = Jock ‘n Roll Clothing!

What do you get when you mix Pittsburgh sports with Rock style fashion?  Try Jock ‘n Roll brand apparel.  Faded Industry Entertainment has brought Jock ‘n Roll clothing on board to the Faded Online Store to make it more accessible to you!  When we saw the concept of the brand and the designs that Jock