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Movie Review: A Million Ways to Die in the West

Movie Review: A Million Ways to Die in the West

In my opinion, Seth Macfarlane is an insanely talented and accomplished comedian responsible for what could now be considered one of the greatest cartoons of all times, Family Guy, along with the highest grossing rated-R comedy film ever, Ted. When you have a solid resume like that, it becomes tough to find that competitive edge

VHS is now a Trilogy and has Released the Trailer for V/H/S: Viral

It’s about time someone highlighted the dangers of viral videos! Actually I am kidding, the only thing dangerous about the internet are the millions of ignorant people who try to contribute what they think will go viral. Just because some idiot falls off a balcony while planking and dies, that doesn’t mean that taking pictures

How a Man’s Tattoo of Billy Murray, lead him to meet, Bill Murray!

Stumbled across an interesting story that anyone who is a fan of the Law of Attraction would appreciate. During the filming of Dumb and Dumber To, one guy’s tattoo of Bill Murray lead him to meet, Bill Murray! But that is not the only celebrity he met along the way…. Peter Farrelly, 1 of the