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Pittsburgh Welcomes the Nation’s Top Innovators

Pittsburgh Welcomes the Nation’s Top Innovators

Health, art, sports, music, and culture were just some of the topics presented this week at Thrival Innovation and Music festival hosted at Alloy 26 inside the newly redesigned Nova Place on Pittsburgh’s north side. In the first three days of the five-day festival, attendees took part in various panel discussions, keynote speakers, interactive demonstrations, and

Billy Pilgrim “Selfies at a Funeral”

Billy Pilgrim – “Selfies at a Funeral” Feat. Zack Wiesinger Directed by Ziggy Sawdust Created by Ziggy Sawdust Productions Music Produced by Soy Sos Cinematography by Mike Mast Produced by Ziggy Sawdust and Tim Cox Executive Producer: Michael Anton Video Effects by MindCrime Studios Spiral Mask designed by Marsha Lee More Players Kiera Gilbert Teresa

Beyonce Throws Underwear Party for New ‘7/11’ Video

On Friday evening Beyonce released a surprise homemade music video from her hotel room. She is seen twerking, c-walking, and partying with her back up dances. Apparently it was an underwear themed party. The party starts on the balcony, but Beyonce brings the fun inside to her messy room, the bathroom, and the hotel hallways.

Exclusive Premiere: Cam’ron’s “So Bad” Video ft. Nicki Minaj

Yesterday, Cam’ron gave Funk Flex the green light to release the revamp of his 2012 Yummy Bingham-track, “So Bad.” Clique Vodka has been anxiously awaiting the drop of this video for some very obvious reasons. On the new track, Cam’ron added some new verses as well as one from Nicki Minaj. Complex just released the

Cheeseburger Titties, Ronald Reagan, and Melody Joy

“You know how many foods are shaped like dicks? The best kinds.” This is a simple fact we’ve learned from Jonah Hill’s character Seth in the 2007 film Superbad. A few days ago, a music video full of dick-shaped foods premiered online from electro-pop princess, Melody Joy. The video is not only full of dick-shaped

What The Fox Say?

Last year around this time of year the viral traction of Gangnam Style started to really pick up. Now comes this song from the “The Fox”, from the Norwegian talk show “I kveld med YLVIS” consisting of Bård Ylvisåker and Vegard Ylvisåker. Essentially a song about animals noises and they are confused as to “What

Behind The Scenes: FRZY’s WTF featuring Lyric Da Queen

Lethal Industries is currently working on the release of FRZY‘s new music video for his song, WTF featuring Lyric Da Queen. Combining all of the techniques Tom Larkin has learned over the years, the Lethal Industries production team has assembled to create a visual that is sure to make you utter the song’s title. Framerates

Wallpaper – Hesher Music Video

Wallpaper. released the music video for Hesher today off his new album Ricky Reed is Real. Ricky Reed certainly is real, as he’s the producer, MC, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist behind the pop-rap-dance act Wallpaper. Led by Oakland, California native Ricky Reed, Wallpaper. fuses hip-hop, pop, and dance music in a carefree, occasionally pointed fashion. After a pair