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Design Like A Boss: Primo Creative

Design Like A Boss: Primo Creative

The image below is a hilarious trip down memory lane. FadedIndustry.com, circa 2008. Each part of the city pictured below took you to a different section of our website like some 6th grade version of Jim Carrey’s website. The old website was like Paris Hilton, fun to look at but completely worthless. Site looked good

Eat Your Heart Out Video Release

If you thought that Eat Your Heart Out would be a typical Valentine’s Day party, of course you would have been mistaken this past Friday. Eat Your Heart Out was a unique Valentine’s Day event we created for all the Zombie Lovers out there. It served as the after-party to the Valentine’s Day Massacre concert

Eat Your Heart Out Photoshoot

Eat Your Heart Out – Zombie Themed Valentines Day Party Valentine’s Day is quickly approaching and so is our Eat Your Heart Out event taking place at Diesel. The only Zombie-Themed Valentine’s Day event in Pittsburgh. It’s not a typical Valentine’s Day party, it’s not a Stupid Cupid party or wack Anti-VDay party for single

The Strip District and New Nightlife

Who remembers the golden days? When Faded Industry first started hosting events in Pittsburgh, they all took place in the Strip District. Pittsburgh’s Mecca of Nightlife Entertainment. As time passed though, the trends shifted and the strip became a desolate area of forgotten fun. If tumbleweeds existed in Pittsburgh, they would have hung out in