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Party Bus out to Mountaineer in West Virginia

Party Bus out to Mountaineer in West Virginia

Since we had so much fun on the St. Patrick’s Day party bus, we figured why not do it again? Saturday night, Paul Spadafora returns to the ring to defend his undefeated title against Denver, Colorado’s Red Hot Rob Frankel in the WBC (NABF) Super Lightweight Championship Title. We will be providing a party bus from

St. Patrick’s Day Party Bus – Pittsburgh

FULL EVENT DETAILS! Pittsburgh is home to the 2nd largest St. Patrick’s Day Parade in the world. Each year, Pittsburgh’s very large and active Irish community come together to produce a family oriented celebration of Ireland’s patron Saint. Of course celebrated in a true Pittsburgh/Irish fashion – Drunk! Tickets on Sale NOW! Every year for

Buses and Boobies

To honor Breast Cancer Awareness Month in our own little way, this Thursday Faded Industry is hosting a Party Bus out to our friend’s new gentleman’s club in Youngstown, OH. Club Pearl. Boobies and Buses – Thursday Oct 11th Tickets available online here: http://store.fadedindustry.com/ The night starts at Levelz in South Side from 6-8pm for

Party Bus for Wiz Khalifa and Mac Miller Concert

Where is everyone heading this weekend? Well apparently it’s to Burgettstown for the Wiz Khalifa and Mac Miller concert. And since a lot of our friends are heading out, we figured we would get a party bus together, take everyone out, and make everyone else’s tailgate look like shit! Faded Industry has a party bus heading out to

Wiz Khalifa and Mac Miller Contest released!

Welcome to the Official Faded Industry Wiz Khalifa and Mac Miller Bus Contest! Saturday August 4th Faded Industry will be taking a bus to the Wiz Khalifa and Mac Miller Under the Influence of Music tour at the First Niagara Pavilion. The contest is simple, upload a picture of yourself rep’n Pittsburgh, Black & Yellow, the 412, whateever, get the most