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Emma Stone Proposed to by Clique Vodka Model!

Emma Stone Proposed to by Clique Vodka Model!

Have you heard the latest celebrity gossip? Our lovely Clique Vodka Promo Model, Pallav, has proposed to the one, the only, Sexiest “Zombieland” and “Easy A” Ginger: Emma Stone! Pallav traveled to California last week to visit Wondercon, an annual comic book, science fiction, and motion picture convention held this year in Anaheim, California. It

Steak and BJ Day: Appreciation

Have you heard about Steak and BJ Day? Well, click on the link if you haven’t. I’m not here to describe in-depth but  to talk about a little something called Appreciation.  My understanding of the whole idea behind Steak and BJ day was that because guys were tired of having to buy girly presents and crap for Valentine’s day

Are Your Pants on Fire?

You know what makes me happy? When my CliqueVodka Promo Models feel that they can be honest with me.  That’s definitely something I value about  them that I can’t say other Promotional Model Mangers have the luxury of. We work in an industry where the majority of shifts are on evenings and weekends; you know, the

Brush Yo Teeth

The importance of smiling was stressed in my last post, on the F Me Face. However, a girl can smile as much as she wants but if her teeth are jacked up it is not going to have the same effect.  Everyone has seen the pictures of Lindsay Lohan’s yellowed-eroded teeth. It’s just not pretty. If your

I See London, I see France; I see Fergie’s Underpants

If you are like every other person on my Twitter feed on Sunday, you were watching the Grammys (or the GRAMMIES as a lot of people thought was the way to spell them). I did not watch, but on my Twitter feed I was able to see the outfit worn by Fergie to the event