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Video from 1996: Kanye West Freestyle in a Record Store

Video from 1996: Kanye West Freestyle in a Record Store

The year is 1996, I was 12 years old, Bill Clinton was in office, Tupac was getting shot, and I was terrified of possibly contracting mad cow disease. Back in 96, I didn’t even know how to type on a computer and Sandra Bullock had already spread fear about the internet being a dangerous digital

Behind The Scenes: FRZY’s WTF featuring Lyric Da Queen

Lethal Industries is currently working on the release of FRZY‘s new music video for his song, WTF featuring Lyric Da Queen. Combining all of the techniques Tom Larkin has learned over the years, the Lethal Industries production team has assembled to create a visual that is sure to make you utter the song’s title. Framerates

Music You Need in Your Ears: Slaughterhouse

I love EMINEM  so I pretty much buy anything he puts out there  to support him and check it out; whether he is doing vocals or producing other artists. In case you may not be as big of a fan as I am/might not have as much faith in an album he is barely “on,” I am reviewing Slaughterhouse

Pittsburgh Slim performing in Erie, PA

To all our Erie, PA friends out there be sure to go check out our boy Pittsburgh Slim perform at Cougars tonight, Fri. Aug. 10th.  He is making a special appearance at the club along with Jay R, C Brown, & Devious of Afficial Killaz. If you want to see Pittsburgh Slim perform in Pittsburgh,

Coast 2 Coast Industry Mixer.

World renown hip hop company Coast 2 Coast Mixtapes is coming back to Pittsburgh.  They will be hosting an artist showcase, DJ battle, model castings, and networking event on Sunday July 29th, 2012.  This event will be held at Levelz Sports Lounge in the South Side.  For drink specials, guest appearances, and all details check

+5 Happy Hour w/ Blasfome, Clique Vodka, Rocksmith, and Jenesis.

Kicking off our three weeks of events next Friday April 27th at Blasfome with a special Happy Hour sponsored by Clique Vodka & Rocksmith Clothing. This event leads up to the Pittsburgh’s Next +5 Showcase at the Shadow Lounge featuring Beedie, Devin Miles, Pyrex Press, Jon Quest, and Hubbs who will be performing music from

Mac Miller – Of the Soul

Aside from this being a dope simple visual, I have to comment on the song. I’m always a huge “hip hop” critic. You never hear a flow these days that you can actually listen to and bob your head for another reason other than the over produced beat.. Mac definitely lays down some bars here.