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How Does Megatron Feel About Selfies?

How Does Megatron Feel About Selfies?

No, not this Megatron… We’re talking about the actual Megatron and he seems very against them. Megatron may be a sentient robotic life form from the planet Cybertron and the leader of the villainous Decepticons, but he has feelings too. He had a message for all selfie goers out there especially this girl visiting Universal

Jesus Christ! Try and Top This Man’s Insanely High Selfie!

Co-founder of The Flash Pack, Lee Thompson was privileged enough to experience something I’ve only dreamed of. While in Brazil to cover the World Cup, he was granted rare access inside the Christ The Redeemer statue located in Rio De Janeiro. Since taking a cool selfie for all the internet to see is what the

Our Favorite Instagram Profile Belongs to Caitlin Rice!

When it comes to talking about the nicest booty on Instagram, all signs point to Jen Selter who has what is considered to be the World’s the Most Instagrammed Butt. Jennifer Selter’s Instagram account has now attracted over 3 million followers including even celebrities like Rhianna. Creeping up quickly though is another Instagram account that

Get Your Daily Dose of Selfies with @MrPimpGoodGame

Around the beginning of September an Instagram account started to gain some major traction as everyone started to notice @mrpimpgoodgame. He is the self proclaimed Leader of the Selfie Movement and with one look at his account, you will see why he is the king of selfies. His name is Benny Winfield, a 37 year

The Selfie Olympics, Step Up Your Selfie Game

Only one week into 2014 and a new trend has emerged online, a necessary upgrade to those boring selfies. Introducing, The Selfie Olympics. Just like the Planking or Harlem Shake trends, everyone is aiming to outdo each other by posting the most creative and imaginative selfie ever produced. The trend is simple, as opposed to taking a typical bathroom mirror