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Is Charlotte McKinney The Next Kate Upton?

Is Charlotte McKinney The Next Kate Upton?

Is there a new girl on the Block? The social media world seems to be tabbing Charlotte McKinney as the next Kate Upton. McKinney had a tough time breaking into the modeling world, so she took things into her own hands. She’s used one of the greatest tools at her disposal, social media. Since then

ALS Ice Bucket Challenge: Comedy Group Mega64 DESTROYS the Foo FIghters

With the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge taking over the internet, when Mega64 finally arrives on the scene, a very important scenario and question comes to light. Let’s present this as intellectually as we can, yes? Yes. The most puzzling question as of late is one of a rather deep and existential nature: “Turn down for

The Hated Celebrity: “We’re MORE Famous Because You Hate Us. Thanks, Idiots.”

If you’re reading this right now, it’s safe to bet you are NOT a celebrity, you’re on the internet, and you used social media to arrive here. Associate those 3 line items with the reality that you are in fact reading this right now, it’s also a safe bet that you’re a part of the problem. Social

Clique Vodka Stickers.

As the marketing and social media agency for Premier Innovations Group, we are excited to release the new die cut vinyl Clique Vodka decals from our online store.  There has already been a surging demand for these custom logo decals and there is a limited supply.  So if you want to get a Clique Vodka

Creative Over Coffee

Over a cup of coffee, creative professionals Matt Wohlfarth and Bud Adams converse with other creatives — artists, comedians, musicians, inventors, marketing professionals, PR agents, designers and maybe even a zoo keeper.  Chalk full of experts and guests with unique and hilarious points of view, this show is a refreshing look into the creative process