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Chrissy Teigan Is Hot On And Off Baseball Field

Chrissy Teigan Is Hot On And Off Baseball Field

Chrissy Teigan has attracted much attention lately by appearing on the cover of Sports Illustrated and throwing out the first pitch at Dodger Stadium. She reportedly threw out the first pitch drunk which is an accomplishment in itself. Attention isn’t new to Chrissy as she has been in Ocean Drive Magazine, Italian Vogue, Esquire, Glamour,

Sharknado 2: “The Second One” – Gets A Brand New Trailer. SHARK HAPPENS!!!

If you’re political in the slightest, you know people are throwing around “global warming” and “climate change” buzzwords like they’re peanuts at a circus. While everyone neglects to remember the world was once covered in ice and it currently and quite obviously is not, there’s probably little explanation needed beyond saying, “natural change happens”. But

How to Conceal a Naked Chick: Amazing Body Paint

You may have noticed a video vixen in the latest from Frzy, wearing only black and white paint. Well, Body Paint just happens to be one of my favorite ways to conceal a naked chick! Talk about a thin line (of paint)! Around here in Pittsburgh, topless models that have been airbrushed are a sight

Hottie of the Week: Jo Lynn

 Are you ready for another sexy brunette? This week’s hottie is Jo Lynn; born and raised in Center Township (PA)!  I picked Jo Lynn from her hot photo submitted in the Pittsburgh Slim video competition; and the ones included in this post are even better!  I know for a fact that my boss Pat Hanavan

Faded Hottie of the Week: Summer!

Happy Wedneday! This week’s official Hottie of the Week is Summer. With the snow we had on Monday,  I think everyone is ready to see more of Summer right away! Summer is from Allentown, PA and this bikini picture of her set in the white sands of Grand Cayman, Cayman islands is so pristine it