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Spider-Man & His “Baby-Me” Dance Battle To Here Comes The Hotstepper

Spider-Man & His “Baby-Me” Dance Battle To Here Comes The Hotstepper

If you don’t realize it yet, let me fill you in. You are excited for The Amazing Spider-Man 2. You Are. “Search your feelings, you know it to be true!” – Darth Vader. And hey… that’s totally OK! I am too. But get caught up to speed if you haven’t done so yet… Click here

NEW Amazing Spider-Man 2 Trailer The Super Bowl Ads Wants You To See

If you didn’t watch the Super Bowl last night, you probably did yourself a pretty big favor because the main attraction, which was supposed to be a football game, was pretty awful. For those of us who viewed Denver completely implode and pretty much give Seattle a freebie Super Bowl Championship, we were saved by

Mary Jane from Spider-man is Porn Star Hot!

First and foremost, there’s a new Spider-man coming out and it’s going to be awesome. Just accept it. It’s the truth. Geeks, strap in and receive the next chapter of a Spider-Man we always deserved. The second international trailer was just released, so take whatever precautions you need to take, to make sure your explosive,