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Ambition: Littlefinger of GOT’s Amazing Secret Film Premiering Oct 24th

Ambition: Littlefinger of GOT’s Amazing Secret Film Premiering Oct 24th

As a noun, ambition is a source of execution and takes a multitude of forms depending on who possesses it. It’s the drive to meet a goal and the vision to accomplishing it in a certain way. In recent history, we have witnessed a ton of product successes via what seemed to be very backwards

Star Wars VII: Millennium Falcon Revealed – Abrams & Snyder Love Twitter

JJ Abrams has been embracing the notion that fans want to see everything about this new Star Wars movie before it’s released. They’re protective of it. Star Wars is their baby and fans want to be kept in the loop every step of the way. If you follow the Bad Robot twitter account, Abrams has

The Hated Celebrity: “We’re MORE Famous Because You Hate Us. Thanks, Idiots.”

If you’re reading this right now, it’s safe to bet you are NOT a celebrity, you’re on the internet, and you used social media to arrive here. Associate those 3 line items with the reality that you are in fact reading this right now, it’s also a safe bet that you’re a part of the problem. Social

Meet Katie!

So much awfulness in the news lately calls for something beautiful and distracting to look at; so meet our newest Featured Hottie: Katie! Katie is a true southern girl from Atlanta, Georgia and an adopted beauty from Korea! If you were curious, Katie is a petite 120lbs and 5’7” which is tall enough to meet

Hottie of the Week: Cara Parrish!

Did you know that there are a lot of hot girls in Morgantown? Well maybe those of you in the Pittsburgh area didn’t because you are blinded by the College football rivalries, but I’m here to tell you to get over it! We can all agree to root for hotties!  Let’s start with this Hottie