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Billy Pilgrim “Selfies at a Funeral”

Billy Pilgrim “Selfies at a Funeral”

Billy Pilgrim – “Selfies at a Funeral” Feat. Zack Wiesinger Directed by Ziggy Sawdust Created by Ziggy Sawdust Productions Music Produced by Soy Sos Cinematography by Mike Mast Produced by Ziggy Sawdust and Tim Cox Executive Producer: Michael Anton Video Effects by MindCrime Studios Spiral Mask designed by Marsha Lee More Players Kiera Gilbert Teresa

Mrs. Doubtfire Reimagined as a Horror Film is Actually Terrifying

Did you know that there is a sequel in the works? Mrs. Doubtfire 2 is on the near horizon and we’re looking back at this very memorable early 90’s comedic film. The plot to this film taken out of context could actually turn into a much darker and twisted storyline. Did we all mistake this

Net Neutrality Battles are Underway, John Oliver Takes Down the FCC!

John Oliver shut down the FCC’s website after an important rant on his new HBO show, Last Week Tonight with John Oliver. In a perfectly executed 13 minute rant he explains the controversy and lets viewers know how they can voice their displeasure to the FCC. This directly affects you, it’s worth watching. Oliver turned

Hot Russian Girls “Twerking” Video Will Be The Best Part Of Your Day

Some more gold is hitting the internet from one of my favorite corners of YouTube, Fraules Girl. Twerking has developed an interesting stigma across the internet since Miley started shoving it down America’s throat. Girls from everywhere love to hop on their own YouTube channel posting their strange twerking attempts but nothing compares to what’s

Storm Chaser Accidentally Films Himself Getting Struck by Lightning

Getting struck by lightening is probably not on your daily agenda but it can happen to anyone and sometimes does. As a storm chaser who has most likely witnessed many thunderstorms, you may start to think it will never happen to you… Just like the weather enthusiast Scott Sheppard did. Obviously not expecting to be