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What to do in Pittsburgh on January 16th

January is kind of a boring month, so if you’re wondering what to do in Pittsburgh, I have an idea. On January 16th, Painting with a Twist has an event you need to attend! What’s the twist? BOOZE! Painting with a Twist is hosting a party for people who like Clique Vodka! If you saw my post

Why You Should Choose Bourbon over Jameson Whiskey

Ever do a “Breakfast” or “Pancake” shot? Around here, that’s Jameson Whiskey in a shot glass topped with butterscotch schnapps; you do that shot then follow it with the same amount of orange juice. Tastes just like pancakes and maple syrup! You can even munch on some bacon after too. This is true, I have

13 of the Strangest Vodka Flavors

A few years ago, the flavored vodka market literally exploded as people’s taste buds no longer desired vodka flavored vodka. Smirnoff and Three Olives Vodka continued to add to their collection of flavors and it almost seemed as if Pinnacle was releasing a new flavor of vodka every week. If you’re interested in these kind